Home Security: In and Around My Windows


window glass

There is absolutely nothing more terrifying than a break in to your home where you are your family sleep. According to the FBI data home burglary and break-ins reports are over 2 million every year.

The most popular point of entry for a home break in is your windows. Because of this, home security is of upmost importance. Here are couple things you can do to ensure that you and your family are protected to the best of your abilities.

Security Glass Options

The glass that your window holds could be difference between a safe home and being a victim of a burglary. Installing shatterproof glass can also prevent unnecessary injuries to your loved ones and children.

Reinforced Glass

Reinforced glass is a glass especially designed with a focus on home security. There are several different types of reinforced glass options such as tempered glass, which is four to five times stronger than a traditional window. Laminate glass is even stronger than tempered glass. Laminate glass involves the bonding of at least two pieces of glass in a durable plastic, creating impact resistance.

Laminate glass is preferred for:

  • Forced-entry protection.
  • Hurricanes
  • Extreme sounds
  • Earthquakes
  • Bombs and explosions (used for governmental buildings)

 Plexiglas Security

Plexiglas doesn’t fall under the category of reinforced glass, but rather its own classification. Plexiglas has the same thickness of a traditional type of window, but it is 10 times stronger. Plexiglas does not shatter, it will cleanly crack under enough force and it can be tinted for privacy.

Other window security options could include security systems, window locks, well-lit lighting, burglar discouraging landscape (avoiding bushes around the windows), window security bars, and window security film. Window security is an extremely important part of protecting your home. Overlooking window security can be dangerous to you and your family and lead to expensive repairs down the road.