Powder rooms – which is more important, the aesthetics or storage?

Whether you’re remodeling a small powder room or redesigning a master en suite, your bathrooms functionality should be at the heart of your remodel. Things like usefulness, storage, lighting and drainage improvements should be your focus.
Keep these key things in mind when planning your bathroom remodel.
Plan Around Your Lifestyle
While aesthetics are obviously an important part of your home improvement goals, remember that the best kinds of bathrooms are those that are useful and effective. Think about how you and your family might use the bathroom and plan functionally. Optimizing your bathroom to help you live your lifestyle most effectively will save a lot of stress and regret in the long run.
Use the Space You Have
Large features may seem luxurious and attractive, but bigger is not always better. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, avoid packing large tubs, storage and light fixtures that simply take up to much space. It’s better to work with the space you have, as opposed to fighting against it. The goal is to make the space as comfortable and useful as possible, which will in turn naturally help with the aesthetics.
Storage Over Aesthetics
Your bathroom space’s main purpose is to serve you, your family and guests in your home. Although you want your bathroom to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, the best kind of bathrooms are the ones that will – get the job done. Storage over fancy décor will pay off in usability in the long run. Fit what you can within the space that you have, so your bathroom can keep serving you the best way possible for years to come.